Joseph's Salon/Spa is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon/Spa offering a full line of beauty and wellness services. Over 30 years ago, Joseph's Salon was opened by Joe and Connie Flint who planned to operate a salon staffed with highly skilled beauty industry professionals while paying special attention to outstanding service.

Joseph’s was the first business in Kentucky to carry Aveda, the plant-based beauty product line. Joseph’s grew as an award-winning salon. In the early 90’s, Kelli Flint Campbell--daughter of Joe and Connie--took 100% ownership of the company and thus a new generation of Joseph’s began. The Salon evolved to an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa with over 10,000 sq feet and 90 employees.

Joseph’s has assembled a team of technical experts and trend advisors who share in the Joseph's Salon/Spa philosophy of giving both technically and professionally. Joseph’s holds true to the original goals of technical expertise and superior service. In addition, we strive to promote an environment of excellence and wellbeing, of which both the Joseph’s team and the client want to be a part.


Why Aveda?

Aveda is a producer of plant-based hair, skin, make-up and body care products, and a global leader in corporate environmental sustainability. We believe Aveda products are the best available and support their mission of a cleaner planet. For those reasons we use only Aveda products in all our services. Aveda’s high performance, botanically based products are simply better for the service providers, guests, and environment.

You'll Love it Guarantee

If for any reason you do not love your Joseph's experience, we will promptly make it right. Simply let us know what you did not love about your salon or spa experience and we will re-book, re-cut, or address whatever is needed at no cost to you. We want you to love your experience.

Team Based Approach

We have a unique, team-based approach to our services that enables us to offer the best possible experience while also allowing convenient appointment scheduling. Further, the team-based approach lends itself to a well-educated staff that is always growing and learning from one another.

Hygienic & Clean

We want our environment to be hygienically clean and competent. This is very important to us. We want your experience to be comfortable and free of worry, and we believe the utmost cleanliness is very much a part of that..

Learning Never Ends

Joseph's is known for its skilled and experienced team. All of our service providers are continuously trained and educated. From technology to better stress-relieving services to new cutting techniques, the experience of our team enables us to offer innovative and cutting edge services.

Giving Back

We make every effort to treat each other and our community with respect and compassion, and believe it is important to give back. The Joseph’s team has contributed to and supported many community causes and charities and look forward to lending a helping hand whenever possible.

Holistic Approach

We feel a holistic experience boosts your wellbeing and allows for a beauty of greater depth. Aveda’s added-value, complimentary rituals will help re-new and de-stress, and add great value to your experience.